Top 3 Best CPU Coolers For Intel Core i7 13700k In 2024

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Searching for the best cooler for the Intel Core i7 13700k?

Choosing the right cooler for your Intel Core i7 13700k is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. In this guide, we’ve picked out the best coolers that balance price, performance, and quietness.

We know that with the i7 13700k, you need a cooler that works hard without making a lot of noise or costing too much.

Our choices are based on real world performance so you can trust they’ll keep your CPU cool whether you’re gaming, working, or just using your computer for everyday tasks. Stick with us to find out which cooler is the best match for your setup.

Why Should You Trust Us?

At, we’re not just about listing products; we’re about guiding you to make informed choices, especially when it comes to CPU coolers. Our leading voice, Talha Zuberi, brings over a decade of hands-on experience in PC building and tech expertise.

From the evolution of CPUs to the latest in cooling technology, Talha has been there, assembling and optimizing high-performance PCs with a focus on every tiny detail. His journey since 2009 in the tech industry isn’t just about building computers; it’s about a deep-rooted passion for helping others find the right components for their unique needs.

With Talha’s expertise and our commitment to honest, detailed reviews, you can trust that the coolers we recommend are truly the best fit for your Intel Core i7 13700k. Whether you’re a gamer, a professional, or a tech enthusiast, our recommendations are tailored to help you get the most out of your setup.

How We Choose the Best Coolers for Intel Core i7 13700

The Intel Core i7 13700 is a high-end CPU that offers excellent gaming and productivity performance. It is a locked CPU which means that it cannot be overclocked. Thanks to that, this chip is very efficient and is rated at a TDP of 65 Watts.

The following factors were considered when choosing the best coolers for the Intel Core i7 13700:

  1. Price Segment and Value: It is easy to buy a good CPU cooler, but it is just as easy to overspend. I considered the price segment that aligns well within a reasonable budget while ensuring good value for the features and performance offered by the cooler.
  2. Heat Dissipation Performance: CPU coolers are rated for a certain wattage of heat that they can dissipate. When choosing a cooler, it needs to meet the CPU’s thermal requirements well within what is considered normal operating temperatures. I ensured that the cooler’s specifications match or exceed the 65 Watts thermal demands of the Intel Core i7 13700.
  3. Understand CPU Operating Temperatures: I chose coolers that can effectively manage temperatures within acceptable limits to ensure stable and reliable performance. It still makes more sense for the cooler to be as overpowered as possible and keep temperatures at around 60 to 80 degrees Celcius when all the cores are being pushed to their limit.
  4. Failure Reports: CPU coolers have mechanically moving parts that are susceptible to failure. Based on data reported by other users, it is crucial to ensure that the chosen CPU cooler does not have a history of reliability issues. It is of utmost importance to check reviews and user feedback to measure the long-term durability and reliability of the cooler.
  5. Quiet Operations Under Heavy Load: It is important to consider the noise level produced by the cooler, especially under heavy load conditions. A cooler with efficient heat dissipation that operates quietly can enhance the overall user experience, particularly if your system is used for tasks that put a significant load on the CPU.
  6. CPU Socket and Case Compatibility: The cooler chosen must have proper compatibility with the CPU socket of the Intel Core i7 13700. Additionally, ensure that it fits well within your computer case. If it’s an older cooler, check for native support for the latest CPUs. In some cases, cooler manufacturers release adapters to make older coolers compatible with newer CPUs.
  7. Personal Preference: With a variety of coolers available, personal preference plays a role in the selection process. Sometimes, I recommend coolers purely as a result of multiple factors such as aesthetics, brand reputation, and additional features that may align with personal preferences and requirements.

3 Best Coolers For Intel Core i7 13700k Reviews

Number 3. DeepCool AK620 WH – Best Budget Cooler For Intel Core i7 13700k

The DeepCool AK620 is everyone’s favorite air cooler these days and it’s for good reason. With top-notch cooling performance and a great design at an attractive price, it is hard to pass on.

The AK620 also comes in an all-white variant, which is what I chose as the best budget cooler for the Intel Core i7 13700. It is uniformly white as every small detail is painted with a white shade including the cables, fans, and even the heat pipes.
It has a large surface area and the 6 heat pipes carry heat very efficiently. It can easily dissipate 260 Watts of heat thanks to the dual 120 mm fans that can spin as low as 500 RPM or as much as 1850 RPM. Even then, the fans do not produce a lot of noise and stay relatively inaudible at just 30 decibels.

However this is quite a hefty cooler which makes it hard to install in smaller cases. It also gets quite difficult to fiddle around tight spaces because the cooler does not leave much room after being installed on any PC. Regardless, it is a trade-off that results in one of the best cooling experiences you can have with an air cooler.

The competition for an air cooler near the $60 mark is healthy and plenty of cooler manufacturers are trying their best to win. Most notably, the Noctua NH-U12S is a worthy opponent that offers excellent cooling and a lovely design albeit with a single fan. It does match the AK620 in terms of price, but it lags behind in terms of heat dissipation.

In the end if you are looking for a lovely air cooler that is affordable and is overqualified for the job then the DeepCool AK620 WH should be your next pick. It is an easy pick especially if you are looking to build an all-white PC and the rated 260 Watts of heat dissipation is plenty even for high-end overclocked CPUs.

To sum up what I like is…

  • All-white design perfect for all-white builds
  • Uncontested by others at its price point
  • Completely silent under all conditions

On the downside

  • Massive size makes it compatible only with large cases


  • Design and Aesthetics: 9/10
  • Cooling Performance: 9/10
  • Noise: 9/10
  • Features: 8/10
  • Value for Money: 9.5/10
  • Overall Rating: 9/10

Number 2. Corsair iCUE H150i Elite LCD XT – Best Premium Cooler For Intel Core i7 13700k

The Corsair iCUE H150i Elite LCD XT is currently Corsair’s flagship cooler that offers premium heat dissipation and plenty of customization that fits well for anyone.

Corsair has used the H150 model name for their 360 mm AIOs for a very long time and as the name implies, the CPU cooling block has an LCD display.

The lighting and the LCD can be controlled through the iCUE application. The coolest feature of the display is that it can be used to display important information at a glance. If, say, the temperature is getting too hot, you can configure the LCD to glow red with the temperature being displayed either in Celcius or Fahrenheit. I like that because it can even display GIFs, the possibilities are endless since you can customize it to your liking.

The display is a vibrant 2.1” IPS LCD screen with a 480×480 resolution that can produce an ultra-bright 600 nits backlight. The color reproduction is amazing thanks to the 24-bit color depth, it is without a doubt one of the most vivid screens I’ve seen. However the refresh rate is only 30 Hz which can feel choppy at times, but it is more than enough in 99% of cases.

Corsair has also upgraded the fans on the new H150i which now uses 3 120 mm ML120 RGB Elite fans. They are essentially the same fans as the previous model with the same motor and blades but the airflow has been improved.

This is because instead of the usual 4-blade air vanes that are typically found in almost all fans, Corsair redesigned and added 12 blades that they call “Air Guide Vanes”. These vanes are much narrower and unlike the thicker vanes of the older version, they prevent air from being blocked and cause any disturbance in the airflow.

Compared to the older fans, these fans are much more efficient and can offer the same level of cooling at 1900-2000 RPM that the older ones could at 2200 RPM.

Being a 360 mm AIO means that it can only fit in ATX cases. Despite that, the compatibility is great and the cooler fits on just about every socket available. The included brackets are for Intel’s LGA 115X, 1200, 1700, and 2066, and AMD’s AM4 and AM5, as well as AMD Threadripper sTRX4 sockets.

Of course, none of this would matter if the performance of the cooler was subpar. The cooler can remove 200 Watts worth of heat if the fans are allowed to spin at 2100 RPM which however introduces a bit of noise at around 55 decibels. This is still acceptable as long as the case has good noise isolation, but is quite loud in an open bench. Under normal load, the fans spin at just 550 RPM which is practically silent at 15 decibels. Pushing a CPU like the Ryzen 9 7950X beyond 5.5 GHz is no issue for this cooler as it is still well within 230 Watts at a full all-core load.

If we look at other 360 mm coolers that offer a great design, customizable LCD display, and top-notch performance, then the only other cooler I could think of is the NZXT Kraken Elite 360 RGB.

The only advantage the Kraken has over the iCUE is that the screen refreshes at 60 Hz instead of 30 Hz. Other than that, there isn’t any significant feature of the Kraken that would make me recommend it over the iCUE H150i.

If you decide to go with the Kraken, you do need to pay a hefty premium over the H150i which may not be justifiable for everyone.

All in all, if you are looking for one of the best CPU coolers for the Intel Core i7 13700k and budget is not an issue, then the Corsair iCUE H150i Elite LCD XT is a great premium AIO cooler for you.


  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Extensive socket support
  • Available both in black and white


  • It can be noisy at full speed


  • Design and Aesthetics: 9/10
  • Cooling Performance: 9/10
  • Noise: 8/10
  • Features: 9.5/10
  • Value for Money: 7.5/10
  • Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Number 1. DeepCool LT520 – Our Top Choice

The DeepCool LT520 is a premium liquid AIO for enthusiasts who care about good looks. But make no mistake; this cooler is not just aesthetically pleasing. It is an excellent cooler, which is why I chose it as the best cooler for the Intel Core i7 13700k in the first place.

It is a 240 mm radiator that comes with 2 120 mm fans without any RGB. The loop ends on the CPU block itself which has a pristine look of multilayered glass. This block can be removed and oriented as you’d like as it is attached with magnets.

The socket compatibility is near perfect as DeepCool not only supports all of Intel and AMD’s mainstream lineup but also includes AMD Threadripper mounting brackets. This also indicates that DeepCool is confident that this cooler can cool 32 or even 64-core CPUs. I can say with confidence that it is seriously overbuilt for a CPU like the Intel Core i7 13700k, but I would recommend getting a 360 mm AIO cooler for any Threadripper.

Even under a full load of 219 Watts, the cooler is completely silent and spins the fans at around 1500 RPM to keep the i7 around 60 degrees Celcius.

Compared to the LT520, there are a lot of air and liquid coolers that offer excellent heat dissipation performance, but not many as beautiful.

All in all, if you are looking for a classy design without the worry that your CPU is going to be properly cooled, then the DeepCool LT520 should be your only pick.

When it comes to competition the NZXT Kraken 240 is a good alternative. However, its main advantage over the LT520 is the LCD screen it comes with. Other than that the LT520’s is a more well-rounded design and it costs less. That makes it a better choice for me.

What I love about this cooler is that…

  • Performs as good as a 360 mm AIO while being a 240 mm AIO
  • Gorgeous design with a decorative CPU block
  • Silent fan operation even under heavy CPU load

On the downside

  • No RGB fans


  • Design and Aesthetics: 9.5/10
  • Cooling Performance: 9/10
  • Noise: 9/10
  • Features: 8/10
  • Value for Money: 9/10
  • Overall Rating: 9/10

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: How important is TDP rating when selecting a cooler for i7 13700k? A: TDP (Thermal Design Power) rating is crucial. It indicates how much heat your cooler can handle. The i7 13700k, known for high performance, generates significant heat, so a cooler with a TDP rating higher than your CPU’s maximum heat output is ideal.
  2. Q: Do I need a liquid cooler, or is an air cooler sufficient for the i7 13700k? A: An air cooler can be sufficient, especially for standard use. However, if you plan to overclock or prioritize a quieter operation, a liquid cooler might be a better choice due to its superior cooling efficiency.
  3. Q: How does cooler size affect my choice for the i7 13700k? A: Cooler size impacts both cooling efficiency and case compatibility. Larger coolers generally offer better cooling but ensure your case has enough space to accommodate the cooler’s dimensions.
  4. Q: Can I use my old cooler with the Intel Core i7 13700k? A: It depends on the cooler’s compatibility and performance. Ensure it fits the socket type of the i7 13700k and can handle its heat output, especially if you’re upgrading from a less powerful CPU.
  5. Q: How does fan noise vary between different coolers for the i7 13700k? A: Fan noise varies based on cooler design and fan quality. Liquid coolers tend to be quieter than air coolers. Look for coolers with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) fans for quieter and more efficient operation.
  6. Q: Should I consider the warranty when buying a cooler for the i7 13700k? A: Yes, a longer warranty can be a sign of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s durability and gives you peace of mind.
  7. Q: How does the number of fans on a cooler affect its performance for the i7 13700k? A: More fans can improve cooling by increasing airflow, but the overall design and quality of the cooler are also important factors.
  8. Q: Do I need extra tools or accessories to install a cooler on the i7 13700k? A: Most coolers come with necessary installation hardware. However, check if thermal paste is included or if you need to purchase it separately.
  9. Q: Is it difficult to install a cooler on the Intel Core i7 13700k for a beginner? A: It varies based on the cooler type. Many modern coolers are designed for easy installation, but always refer to the manual. If unsure, seeking professional help or watching instructional videos can be beneficial.
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