AAFP Motherboard Sockets

AAFP Motherboard Sockets: Are They Important?

It’s common knowledge amongst seasoned users that rear I/O audio is usually superior to a front audio connector. That’s because the onboard DAC is directly connected to the audio jacks at the back of your motherboard. Whereas front audio is routed through a front audio header, sometimes called “AAFP”. What is an AAFP Motherboard Socket? … Read more

Red Light on Motherboard

Red Light on Motherboard? (FIX)

If you are reading this, chances are you might be facing a solid red light on motherboard issue. This error can happen due to a number of reasons. Oftentimes, the issue is minor and can be solved easily. Follow the instructions below to solve all sorts of red light errors on your motherboard with ease. … Read more