Motherboard Audio Ports

Motherboard Audio Ports Explained

Have you ever wondered what the functions are of the different motherboard audio ports that you can find on the back of your computer motherboard? Most of us only use one or two ports for our speakers and microphone, but what do all the other ports do? Well, the audio ports do vary from motherboard … Read more

How To Test A Motherboard

How To Test A Motherboard

If you have bought a brand new motherboard for your PC, you may be wondering how to test a motherboard to check if everything is working. Motherboard testing is not relatively straightforward and it can get quite complicated if you really dive into things. Of course, the motherboard acts as the platform of your PC … Read more

AAFP Motherboard Sockets

AAFP Motherboard Sockets: Are They Important?

It’s common knowledge amongst seasoned users that rear I/O audio is usually superior to a front audio connector. That’s because the onboard DAC is directly connected to the audio jacks at the back of your motherboard. Whereas front audio is routed through a front audio header, sometimes called “AAFP”. What is an AAFP Motherboard Socket? … Read more

Red Light on Motherboard

Red Light on Motherboard? (FIX)

If you are reading this, chances are you might be facing a solid red light on motherboard issue. This error can happen due to a number of reasons. Oftentimes, the issue is minor and can be solved easily. Follow the instructions below to solve all sorts of red light errors on your motherboard with ease. … Read more